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    Do you have a freelance assignment or are you looking for a nice assignment as a freelancer? Thanks to Jellow, clients quickly find qualified freelancers including their availability and rate. Freelancers can be invited exclusively to apply for private assignments or they can respond to public assignments on their own initiative. Intermediate parties or intermediaries are never admitted to the Jellow platform.


    Via Jellow, employers are in direct contact with one or more freelancers. Freelancers can be invited for a personal meeting and if there is a match they can be hired at the touch of a button. Jellow handles the contracts according to Belgian laws and regulations.


    Unburdening is our main concern, so we have also ensured that hour registration, satisfaction monitoring and invoicing can be done quickly and easily via Jellow. We also take care of the availability monitoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jellow an intermediary?

No, we only link supply and demand. There is direct contact between the client and freelancers for an assignment. Actually, we offer the advantages of an intermediary, but without the disadvantages.

What is the role of Jellow's experts?

Jellow works with independent experts. These experts take care of the screening of freelancers to monitor the quality. They do this by viewing and assessing the CV, a personal interview and a possible reference check.

I have a company with freelancers, can I create an account with Jellow?

Yes, but not a as a company. Freelancers who work for you can create an individual Jellow profile.

How much does a company pay for a Jellow account?

As a Jellow Premium user, you can map out your own freelance network and managing it becomes a piece of cake. On top of that you get full access to the Jellow freelance network. The price for a Jellow Premium subscription is € 1.995 / month (VAT excl.). Would you prefer to first get acquainted with the power of Jellow or are you already convinced, but your monthly/annual hiring is rather limited, then you can opt for our Jellow Go formula (no cure no pay ). For each freelancer you hire via Jellow Go you pay a surcharge of € 5 per hour worked (VAT excl.). As a Jellow Go user you enjoy almost all the benefits of the Jellow platform. Unfortunately, in order to avoid creating a cure no pay formula, we can not give Jellow Go users direct access to the Jellow freelancers network. If you as a Jellow Go user can not find a suitable candidate in your own network, you can call on us to look for suitable candidates in the Jellow network. Questions about rates or formulas? Send them to hello@jellow.be or call us on +32 3 560 17 00.

In which branches and fields is Jellow active?

You can find almost all profiles on Jellow: from freelance developers to freelance lawyers. We mainly focus on business services, so carpenters and plumbers can not be found in our network.

Is hiring via Jellow safe?

Jellow Contracting takes care of the contractual and financial settlement of the hiring in accordance with the DBA Act.

What does it cost to create an account on Jellow?

Creating an account is free. When you get hired, we receive € 5 (VAT excl.) from your hourly rate as soon as you settle with your client.

Why do freelancers pay € 5/h?

With this income we take care of all contractual and administrative matters, we pay the screening and we continuously improve the Jellow platform and network. We choose to let freelancers pay only once they have received an order via Jellow. This way we keep it accessible and we only receive income after we have created value for you.

Am I immediately available to clients when I register with Jellow?

Yes! Provided you have filled in all your details after logging in and activated your account by clicking on the link in the activation mail. The clients in Jellow can find you and contact you directly for a nice freelance assignment.

I would like to recommend someone for an assignment, how do I do that?

Good people know good people. If it is stated in the assignment description, it is even possible to earn € 500 if a freelancer (who is not yet registered in Jellow) is hired on your recommendation via Jellow. In this case it is important that the freelancer is hired through the Jellow-hire form and passes on your name to the client. Win win!