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    Do you have a freelance assignment or are you looking for a nice assignment as a freelancer? Thanks to Jellow, clients quickly find qualified freelancers including their availability and rate. Freelancers can be invited exclusively to apply for private assignments or they can respond to public assignments on their own initiative. Intermediate parties or intermediaries are never admitted to the Jellow platform.


    Via Jellow, employers are in direct contact with one or more freelancers. Freelancers can be invited for a personal meeting and if there is a match they can be hired at the touch of a button. Jellow handles the contracts according to Belgian laws and regulations.


    Unburdening is our main concern, so we have also ensured that hour registration, satisfaction monitoring and invoicing can be done quickly and easily via Jellow. We also take care of the availability monitoring.

953 businesses have already chosen Jellow

Employers with a freelance pool on Jellow
Employers with a freelance pool on Jellow
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953 employers
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12168 freelancers

* numbers are a combination of the Netherlands and Belgium

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jellow an intermediary?

No, we only link supply and demand. There is direct contact between the client and freelancers for an assignment. Actually, we offer the advantages of an intermediary, but without the disadvantages.

I have a company with freelancers, can I create an account with Jellow?

Yes, but not a as a company. Freelancers who work for you can create an individual Jellow profile.

How much does a company pay for a Jellow account?

All information about the different formulas and rates can be found on our pricing page (
Questions about formulas or rates? Send them to or call us on +32 3 560 17 00.

In which branches and fields is Jellow active?

You can find almost all profiles on Jellow: from freelance developers to freelance lawyers. We mainly focus on business services, so carpenters and plumbers can not be found in our network.

Is hiring via Jellow safe?

Absolutely! The experts of Jellow Contracting take care of the contractual and financial settlement of the hiring in accordance with Belgian law.

What does it cost to create an account on Jellow?

Creating an account is completely free for freelancers. Employers choose a monthly subscription or a fixed rate of € 5 per invoiced hour.

Am I immediately available to clients when I register with Jellow?

Yes! Provided you have filled in all your details after logging in and activated your account by clicking on the link in the activation mail. The clients in Jellow can find you and contact you directly for a nice freelance assignment.

I would like to recommend someone for an assignment, how do I do that?

Good people know good people. If it is stated in the assignment description, it is even possible to earn € 500 if a freelancer (who is not yet registered in Jellow) is hired on your recommendation via Jellow. In this case it is important that the freelancer is hired through the Jellow-hire form and passes on your name to the client. Win win!

There are relatively fewer Belgian than Dutch assignments on the website. How come?

Jellow Belgium is still in its launching phase. We have already opened the platform for the first Belgian freelancers so that they can also be contacted for the first assignments. The great thing about Jellow is that employers search for freelancers and invite them to relevant assignments. Employeurs can publish closed assignments (only accessible to freelancers by invitation) and they can also choose to make the assignment publicly visible or not. There are a lot ofpublicly accessible open assignments from our launching partners. All the more reason to fully develop your profile!

Is Jellow GDPR compliant?

Jellow has done everything to manage and protect the data of its users in the way described in the GDPR. There's no "how to guide" so whether we have thought of everything is unfortunately not guaranteed with 100% certainty. If you are of the opinion that we have missed something, please let us know.

Can I change my personal details?

Yes you can, at any time! Once you are logged in, you can adjust your personal data in your profile. You can find and change your profile if you are logged in and if you click on your name at the top right. Then choose 'my account'. If you want a download of all the data we have stored, please contact us via +32 3 560 17 00 or send an email to We will then send a file containing all your data to the email address mentioned in your profile within 48 hours (on weekdays).

Who can see my personal data?

Jellow tries to store as little personal data as possible. The data we store from our users is needed to connect supply and demand in the freelance market as good as possible. Data is stored and used for that purpose only. Personal data of users are never shared with third parties other than with the contracted parties that ensure the correct completion of an assignment.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, click on your name at the top right and then click on 'settings'. At the bottom of this page you have the possibility to delete your entire account. ATTENTION when deleting your account, everything is removed from our database. Only those data that fall under the statutory retention obligation such as information about current and completed assignments will be retained in accordance with the statutory retention obligation.

Does Jellow have a Privacy Statement that is adapted to the GDPR?

Yes, we have! You can find these under the Privacy Statement in the General Terms and Conditions. It also states how we deal with cookies and what they are used for.

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