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Search, find and admire the best freelancers

Jellow lets you get in touch quickly and directly with the best freelancers active in business services. More and more employers and freelancers prefer to be in direct contact with each other. Jellow is therefore not available for intermediaries.

1. Search

Start your search with a few simple keywords or an extensive assignment description. Refine the search results with our extensive filtering and sorting options. View the most interesting profiles in detail (availability, rate, bio, work experience, languages, etc). Engage the Jellow matchmaking team if you do not have the time to search yourself.

  • Which freelancers do I find in Jellow?
  • Can every freelancer create a profile on Jellow?

2. Find

Quickly create a shortlist of the most relevant and available freelancers. Invite them for your assignment in an instant or send them a message. Here too you can engage the Jellow matchmaking team. Then chat with the freelancers who respond via our built-in chat module. Finally, invite the best freelancers for an interview.

  • How quickly can I expect reactions?
  • How long is the shortlist?
  • Who can see my assignment?

3. Admire

You have found the ideal freelancer? Enter into an agreement directly or engage one of our recommended contracting partners. Then the collaboration can begin. Do not forget to share your evaluation of the freelancer so that he or she can also be admired by others. Good luck!

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