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    • Is Jellow an intermediary?

      No, we only link supply and demand. There is direct contact between the client and freelancers for an assignment. Our matchmaking software connects supply and demand in an efficient way. Actually, we offer the advantages of an intermediary, but without the disadvantages.

    • Which freelancers can you find via Jellow?

      Jellow focuses on all independent entrepreneurs without personnel who provide services to companies or organizations based on temporary contracts, assignments or projects.

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  • AVG (GDPR)
    • Is Jellow GDPR compliant?

      Jellow has done everything to manage and protect the data of its users in the way described in the GDPR. There's no "how to guide" so whether we have thought of everything is unfortunately not guaranteed with 100% certainty. If you are of the opinion that we have missed something, please let us know.

    • Can I change my personal details?

      Yes you can, at any time! Once you are logged in, you can adjust your personal data in your profile. You can find and change your profile if you are logged in and if you click on your name at the top right. Then choose 'my account'. If you want a download of all the data we have stored, please contact us via +32 15 79 72 80 or send an email to hello@jellow.be. We will then send a file containing all your data to the email address mentioned in your profile within 48 hours (on weekdays).

    • Who can see my personal data?

      Jellow tries to store as little personal data as possible. The data we store from our users is needed to connect supply and demand in the freelance market as good as possible. Data is stored and used for that purpose only. Personal data of users are never shared with third parties other than with the contracted parties that ensure the correct completion of an assignment.

    • How can I delete my account?

      To delete your account, click on your name at the top right and then click on 'settings'. At the bottom of this page you have the possibility to delete your entire account. ATTENTION when deleting your account, everything is removed from our database. Only those data that fall under the statutory retention obligation such as information about current and completed assignments will be retained in accordance with the statutory retention obligation.

    • Does Jellow have a Privacy Statement that is adapted to the GDPR?

      Yes, we have! You can find these under the Privacy Statement in the General Terms and Conditions. It also states how we deal with cookies and what they are used for.

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