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With a Jellow account you are found instead of the other way around. The employer makes a shortlist based on your profile and only these freelancers are invited to respond to the assignment. This makes Jellow more efficient and effective than other online platforms.

1. Create your profile easily

At Jellow you can create your profile within a few minutes. First choose your favorite / dominant area of expertise and then complete your profile. Upload your CV or ask to transfer your data from LinkedIn. We then ensure that this data is converted into a Jellow profile.

  • Can anyone see my profile?
  • How often do I have to update my profile?
  • What kind of employers use Jellow?
  • Can I enrich my profile?

2. Being approached by employers

Only Jellow employers can send assignments via Jellow to a shortlist of Jellow freelancers. You only receive the most relevant assignments and you belong to a small selection so that no 100 freelancers can respond to one assignment. Another important advantage is that only Jellow employers can view sensitive information such as contact details, rates and availability. All you have to do is keep this data up to date in one place. If you are interested, you can chat in all discretion with the employer via your Jellow accounts. If there is a match, you will be invited for an interview.

  • How do I respond to assignments?
  • Can I determine the rate myself?

3. Get hired

If you are hired by an employer, you determine together how the hiring will proceed. Employers often have a fixed way of hiring. Sometimes they make the contracts themselves, sometimes they work with an external party that may or may not have been recommended by Jellow.

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