What options do you have as an employer?

Jellow Go

Start direct

  • One month full access to 51.731 freelancers
  • Share unlimited assignments
  • hire unlimited freelancers (no margins)
  • Build your own freelance pool
  • Support in sharing your assignments
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Jellow Annual

Start direct

  • Everything you get with Jellow Go
  • Jellow service package
  • Support in sharing your assignments
  • Support in building your own freelance pool
  • Personal Jellow account manager
  • Invoiced only once per year
  • 2 user accounts included
  • Possibility to add additional users (€25 p/m)

Jellow Enterprise

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  • Everything you get with Jellow Annual
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Dashboard (hiring overview)
  • Choice of workflow
  • Personalised environment (look & feel)
  • Personal account manager and training

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