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Jellow lets you get in touch quickly and directly with the best freelancers active in business services. More and more employers and freelancers prefer to be in direct contact with each other. Jellow is therefore not available for intermediaries.

1. Search

Start your search with a few simple keywords or an extensive assignment description. Refine the search results with our extensive filtering and sorting options. View the most interesting profiles in detail (availability, rate, bio, work experience, languages, etc). Engage the Jellow matchmaking team if you do not have the time to search yourself.

  • Which freelancers do I find in Jellow?

    Only freelancers from business services are affiliated with Jellow. More than 20,000 freelancers have already created a profile on Jellow and like to be approached by clients for great assignments.

  • Can every freelancer create a profile on Jellow?

    The freelancers with a Jellow profile are screened for quality as much as possible. This is done in various ways. Many of our freelancers create a profile at the invitation of an employer, so there is already a reference. Freelancers can add reviews to their profile. These are given by former clients. For specific assignments, freelancers can even be checked by external experts. This expert ultimately determines whether a freelancer is eligible for a specific assignment.

1. Search

2. Find

Quickly create a shortlist of the most relevant and available freelancers. Invite them for your assignment in an instant or send them a message. Here too you can engage the Jellow matchmaking team. Then chat with the freelancers who respond via our built-in chat module. Finally, invite the best freelancers for an interview.

  • How quickly can I expect reactions?

    On average, the first freelancers respond within 24 hours. You can always ask additional questions via the platform or immediately contact the freelancers. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or via the built-in chat function. We advise you to communicate via the chat as much as possible because that way you keep the overview, all relevant information stays central in one place and it is always accessible to your colleagues in case of sudden absence.

  • How long is the shortlist?

    This varies per assignment, but you can assume that on average within 24 hours you will receive between 5 and 10 responses.

  • Who can see my assignment?

    Your assignment is only visiblefor freelancers that we have selected. This ensures that you do not receive unnecessary feedback from freelancers who do not comply with your demands or are bothered by intermediaries.

2. Find

3. Admire

You have found the ideal freelancer? Enter into an agreement directly or engage one of our recommended contracting partners. Then the collaboration can begin. Do not forget to share your evaluation of the freelancer so that he or she can also be admired by others. Good luck!

3. Admire

Be invited for freelance assignments

With a Jellow account you are found instead of the other way around. The employer makes a shortlist based on your profile and only these freelancers are invited to respond to the assignment. This makes Jellow more efficient and effective than other online platforms.

1. Create your profile easily

At Jellow you can create your profile within a few minutes. First choose your favorite / dominant area of expertise and then complete your profile. Upload your CV or ask to transfer your data from LinkedIn. We then ensure that this data is converted into a Jellow profile.

  • Can anyone see my profile?

    Your profile is not public. This means that only the end customers that we have screened can see your full profile. Because of this you will not be unnecessarily bothered by intermediaries, but you will only be approached by end customers (employers). Other freelancers can not see your full profile.

  • How often do I have to update my profile?

    Our system will communicate with you depending on your availability. We try to be as relevant as possible. This means that we will not ask you for your availability if you have indicated that you are working on your current assignment for a few more months. Of course you can always update or change your profile any time you want. You can easily do this yourself.

  • What kind of employers use Jellow?

    Jellow is meant for freelancers and end clients. Anyone who wants to share an assignment with you through Jellow is screened by us in advance. In this way, we ensure that you are not bothered by intermediaries, but only receive relevant assignments from end clients. We are strict on this and check every client who wants to use Jellow.

  • Can I enrich my profile?

    You can make your profile even more interesting by supplementing it with 'feedback'. You can easily invite former employers to give feedback. This feedback is visible to every logged as an employer. It is advisable to do this, because our experience is that clients attach great value to this.

1. Create your profile easily

2. Being approached by employers

Only Jellow employers can send assignments via Jellow to a shortlist of Jellow freelancers. You only receive the most relevant assignments and you belong to a small selection so that no 100 freelancers can respond to one assignment. Another important advantage is that only Jellow employers can view sensitive information such as contact details, rates and availability. All you have to do is keep this data up to date in one place. If you are interested, you can chat in all discretion with the employer via your Jellow accounts. If there is a match, you will be invited for an interview.

  • How do I respond to assignments?

    When you are selected you will receive a mail with a link to the description of the assignment. You can also respond here. This can be extended or short-and-powerful. As you see fit. Even if you are not interested, you can respond briefly. Employers will appreciate it.

  • Can I determine the rate myself?

    Of course you always decide whether you find the assignment interesting and what your conditions are. We strive to make the direct contact between you and the employer as quickly as possible. The employer therefore also directly contacts you for an introductory meeting. You actually determine everything yourself.

2. Being approached by employers

3. Get hired

If you are hired by an employer, you determine together how the hiring will proceed. Employers often have a fixed way of hiring. Sometimes they make the contracts themselves, sometimes they work with an external party that may or may not have been recommended by Jellow.

3. Get hired

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
  • Is Jellow an intermediary?

    No, we only link supply and demand. There is direct contact between the client and freelancers for an assignment. Our matchmaking software connects supply and demand in an efficient way. Actually, we offer the advantages of an intermediary, but without the disadvantages.

  • Which freelancers can you find via Jellow?

    Jellow focuses on all independent entrepreneurs without personnel who provide services to companies or organizations based on temporary contracts, assignments or projects.

  • Freelancers
  • What does it cost to create an account on Jellow?

    A Jellow account is completely free for freelancers. Clients pay for the use of the Jellow matchmaking software and/or services.

  • Am I immediately available to clients when I register with Jellow?

    Yes! Provided you have filled in all your details after logging in and activated your account by clicking on the link in the activation mail. The clients in Jellow can find you and contact you directly for a nice freelance assignment.

  • Are my name/rate/profile/contact details visible to the public and/or the entire Jellow network?

    Only employers with a paying Jellow 24/7 subscription can see your name and detailed profile information. Your contact details are only visible from the moment there has been a first contact (message or invitation assignment).

  • Employers
  • How much does a company pay for a Jellow account?

    All information about the different formulas and rates can be found on our pricing page (
    Questions about formulas or rates? Send them to or call us on +32 15 79 72 80.

  • AVG (GDPR)
  • Is Jellow GDPR compliant?

    Jellow has done everything to manage and protect the data of its users in the way described in the GDPR. There's no "how to guide" so whether we have thought of everything is unfortunately not guaranteed with 100% certainty. If you are of the opinion that we have missed something, please let us know.

  • Can I change my personal details?

    Yes you can, at any time! Once you are logged in, you can adjust your personal data in your profile. You can find and change your profile if you are logged in and if you click on your name at the top right. Then choose 'my account'. If you want a download of all the data we have stored, please contact us via +32 15 79 72 80 or send an email to We will then send a file containing all your data to the email address mentioned in your profile within 48 hours (on weekdays).

  • Who can see my personal data?

    Jellow tries to store as little personal data as possible. The data we store from our users is needed to connect supply and demand in the freelance market as good as possible. Data is stored and used for that purpose only. Personal data of users are never shared with third parties other than with the contracted parties that ensure the correct completion of an assignment.

  • How can I delete my account?

    To delete your account, click on your name at the top right and then click on 'settings'. At the bottom of this page you have the possibility to delete your entire account. ATTENTION when deleting your account, everything is removed from our database. Only those data that fall under the statutory retention obligation such as information about current and completed assignments will be retained in accordance with the statutory retention obligation.

  • Does Jellow have a Privacy Statement that is adapted to the GDPR?

    Yes, we have! You can find these under the Privacy Statement in the General Terms and Conditions. It also states how we deal with cookies and what they are used for.

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