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“The reason we chose Jellow is its large pool of freelancers. It is a straightforward platform with good customer service. Jellow’s advantage is that I was able to select individuals much more easily.” Loïc Ganza Project Manager Cowboy

“Thanks to Jellow I quickly found a perfect match for all of my assignments. The platform is very clear-cut and Jellow offers a quick and satisfying service in case of questions or uncertainty.” Denis Renty Export & Marketing Manager Van Bulck Beers

"Searching for good freelance support can be a long and difficult process. Jellow allows you to get in contact with the right and available people fast and easy!" Kim van Santen Marketing & Operations Booking.com

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Do you work with freelancers? Jellow ensures direct contact between employers and independent business service providers. Find freelancers yourself with our smart software or ask the Jellow team to help you out. Jellow is software with a service.

Fast, transparant and beneficial

Jellow gives you direct access to thousands of freelancers active in business services. Take the lead and easily select the freelancers that are relevant to you. From now on intermediaries and margins on rates belong to the past!

Building one single network together

Jellow strongly believes in the power of collaboration. Employers and freelancers are building a large network together with Jellow and we are all benefiting from this. The best way to grow together quickly and find the right expertise.

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New freelancers 1.356 New freelancers in February
Employers 1.819 Employers
Registered freelancers 32.716 Registered freelancers

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